YO yo yo! It’s the double stuffed oreo of skateboard shops…Streets Of Fire. We are the fresh to hesh dudes who are ready to throw a thrash session on your Justin Bieber haircut. Hot out of the skate-metropolis of Oshkosh Wiskon-SON! Hang the slang and Laid back ready to do-do a layback slappy noseslide on 20 parking blocks end-to-end. Freaky deeky. We got skateboards for real skateboarders, and skateboards with cheese for the hungry. We got long boards for the longboarders, and malted longboards for the thirsty. We got shoes for the shoeless, and shirts for the naked. We got it all like a Sunday swap meet.

  • Streets Of Fire Skateboard Supply
  • 415 North Main Street,
  • Oshkosh, WI
  • Tel1: (920) 231-6523