New Streets Of Fire Boards In Now
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New Streets Of Fire Boards In Now

Brand spanking new Kayo “Farm League” boards just came in. These are limited “Skateboard Wisconsin” boards & T-shirts. Made exclusively for Streets of Fire & available at the fine fine Skateboard Shops of Wisconsin by Kayo (DGK. Organika, Expedition One) so you know this wood has got more pop than a 100 girls blowing bubbles.

Local tan man & knuckle bruiser Johnny Payne knows whats what and scores himself one of these shirts before they are gone…forever.

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  1. Robert Youmans says:

    hey dudes, im 16 year old, and im looking to grab a baker board, go nuts on tricks and learn everything!! im crazy and i wanna ride wit baker!!! So if u can hook me up that be great!!!so see u,later

  2. LesterBanger says:

    Hot skittles them boards are nicer looking than my ugly old girlfriend. She lost her pop a while back. Time for an upgrade.

  3. Treflipelite says:


  4. lowther says:

    i had one of them dope boards they ride extra steezy cheezy and have hella pop best buy!!!!

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