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Streets Of Fire’s Handsome Boy Modeling School Graduates
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Streets Of Fire's Handsome Boy Modeling School Graduates

Jake & Milo - New Graduates Of Streets of Fire's Handsome Boy Modeling School

We brought in fresh Graduates of the Street’s of Fire Handsome Boy Modeling School – Jake & Milo – to help kick off the New *RED* Streets of Fire & Kayo Collabo Board and fashion accessories (aka t-shirts). Thanks Guys for lending your Handsome Looks!

Handsome Boy Modeling School Graduate Models the New Streets Of Fire Shirts

Here we get a close up of Jake’s award winning Handsome Boy smile AND a the fresh new SOF/KAYO t-shirt now on sale at Streets of Fire Skateboards. Jake attributes his success as a Handsome Boy Model to his stylist and make-up artist SOF Shop Owner James Baker.

Streets of Fire Skateboards

We can see how tough being a model is as Jake can hardly hold together the patented “Classic Handsome Boy” pose.

Handsome Boy Skateboard Modeling

Milo is obviously as professional as they come and demonstrates the “Classic Handsome Boy” pose in perfect form. Notice the afar off aloof gaze in the eyes that shows the utmost contentment with the NEW SOF/ KAYO collabo decks. We agree – satisfaction is easily had with these boards.

Handsome Boy Modeling School Graduate

Shot from outside the Streets of Fire store window, Jake drops the most casual Handsome Boy Modeling lean while demonstrating the textbook “new skateboard grab”.

It's Wheely Good

As part of the improvisation session – Jake tries the “tongue on the flagpole” pose out on a longboard, a tricky move that he pulls off with ease.  We all agree its another successful class of Streets of Fire’s Handsome boy Modeling School.

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