Baker's Bicycle Bonanza
Whats With All These Bikes?
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Coming soon: Crazy Baker’s Bicycle Banana Bonanza

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  1. I’ll take one bike with mustard, and one with extra gravy…to go

  2. the more people facinated in bikes, the better, so glad I am one of them

  3. Jim,

    I’m happy to see that you’re still in the skateshop business.

    It’s really cool that you’re doing bicycles too.

    I’ll definitely check the shop out.

    This spring I’ll find a way to ride my recumbent tricycle there too!

    Cullen Carter
    12 Oneida Ct.
    Appleton, 54911

  4. Jim!!!

    Is Street of Fire getting into bikes? If so, that’s great. What kind do you carry?

    I’m definitely going to check the shop out when I get back to Appleton.

    Are the Bakers now living in Oshkosh. If so, how do you like it?

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