New Gear
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Road Bikes, Cruisers & NEW Bike Servicing!

Bikes… We’re bout it bout it! We’ve got a lot of Used Road Bikes in store right now and we’ve just added a whole bunch of bike servicing equipment to our shop. Need your rim trued? We got you! Need new tires? We got you! Need a Spinny-geary-doohicky? We got you!! Road Bikes. Cruiser Bikes. […]

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What The Heck...

We’re Arty, Man. It’s SOF and we’re banging on the door. I think we forgot we had a website, but not it’s still here, just like it was before, only better because we’re older and wiser with more comfortable Dr. Scholls insoles and a giddyup in our step. So get in line, we’re selling raffle […]

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New In Longboards

Hey Wisconsin Longboarders – Streets of Fire has finally updated our website with our most recent stocks of longboard gear for sale. We have boards by Landyachts, Earthwing, Sector 9, Loaded, Arbor & More! Wheels, Trucks, Gloves & Apparel. Come down and take a out one of our demo boards for a cruise & see […]

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We Have Shoes

Bring your feet here and I’ll love them.

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The Berrics: Spot the SOF Hoodie

Check out Troy Morgan wearing the Streets Of Fire & Kayo Collabo Design on The Berrics! They are official & we still have a very limited amount of these Hoodies & Skate Decks left in the shop. Get up to get down!