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Skateboards & Longboards in Oshkosh-kosh

I’m board, you’re board, we’re all board for skateboards… & longboards. What’s a real local boardshop about? First of all this is what we do. These sports are our joy and passion and our goal is to share that with novices and experts alike. Does that sound lame? It’s not. WE can’t help ourselves. What […]

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What The Heck...

We’re Arty, Man. It’s SOF and we’re banging on the door. I think we forgot we had a website, but not it’s still here, just like it was before, only better because we’re older and wiser with more comfortable Dr. Scholls insoles and a giddyup in our step. So get in line, we’re selling raffle […]

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New Streets Of Fire Boards In Now

Brand spanking new Kayo “Farm League” boards just came in. These are limited “Skateboard Wisconsin” boards & T-shirts. Made exclusively for Streets of Fire & available at the fine fine Skateboard Shops of Wisconsin by Kayo (DGK. Organika, Expedition One) so you know this wood has got more pop than a 100 girls blowing bubbles. […]

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The Berrics: Spot the SOF Hoodie

Check out Troy Morgan wearing the Streets Of Fire & Kayo Collabo Design on The Berrics! They are official & we still have a very limited amount of these Hoodies & Skate Decks left in the shop. Get up to get down!